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lnformation about paper products and hangtags

Hello All,

You will find following informations about hangtags and generally paper products.
Basic of paper products is of course raw paper varieties. So we need to explain basicly raw papers.

Mostly we use following papers for hangtags;

1.Glazed or glossy papers:

Glazed paper can be with shiny or mat surface. Glazed paper can be produced from 90gr until 350 gr. lt is good quality hangtags can be used for barcods and self adhesive labels also .

2. Bristol papers:

There are few different bristol papers but generally they can be mat or shiny surface. Bristol paper can be produced from 180gr until 400gr. Bristol paper consists kind of paper layers. Useful for products which is double side printed or boxes because two surface quality is different than eachother.

Bristol paper is used for printing documents, brochures, promotional materials and envelopes. It is also used for paperback book or catalog covers, file folders, tags, and tickets

3. Special Papers:

Special papers consists with combination of different paper qualities, colors , coatings and surface structures. lf our client wants the product with special paper then firstly paper quality should be found. Every paper producer has their own catalogues so must be carefully searched.

4.lnvironmental friendly and recycled papers:

Like many other invironmental friendly products , it is about generally same issues also for papers.

One of the inviromental friendly paper is cardboard papers. Mostly used with original background color.

Another quality is Recycled papers. They can be only original background color. You can compare with white paper which stays at top.

There are not too much options about colors for inv. papers. These papers can be printed with other colors but please consider that more printing colors on inviromental products means less invironmental.

These paper qualities are most common paper qualities.

Printing qualities and laminations.

We produce the paper products with Offset quality but for some cases we are able to use trigromi quality(if there are too much colors).

Another important subject for paper products is laminations which can be added to products to give more attractive and classy look.
Hint:Please remember that extra process means extra cost.

1. UV Vanished or locally lacquered(Lac):

l hope you can see vanishing on this hangtag. This hangtag locally vanished(lac). The contrast between mat background and vanished print gives nice looking. lt can be any king of design for vanish. Even this quality is not embossed ,but you still can feel it when you touch.

2. Embossed printing.

Some of design or all design can be embossed. You can feel the design when you touched.

3. Letterpress quality.

Basicly the design pressed in the paper. Mostly we use also vanish to pressed parts to get good contrast.

Letterpress quality can be produced also with foil colors. Golden , silver, copper etc.

a. Folded Products:

Folded products are also available

b. Different shaped products:

We are able to produce paper products with different shapes. lt is about client’s wishes.

c. Eyelets:

Products can be with or without eyelets. Eyelets can be different colors also.

d. Strings and safetypins:

Strings can be with different qualities. Cotton, polyester, waxed strings or ribbons also usable.

Safetypins can be with different shape and colors as well. Mostly we send products to our customers which already attached to eachother.(hangtag, string and safetypins)

We are also able to produce taglocks and plastic seals.

These informations are basic information about paper products. Therefor these information hopefully help to buyers about to decide and design products.

You are always welcome , if you need more info or quotation about paper products.

Our minimum order quantity for hangtags 1.000pcs for bags or boxes will be lower.
Please let us know order quantity ,if you need quotation. Because it effects the price too much.

We will be more than happy if we could help you about labelling.


Engin Kavrar

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Care Label symbols


You can see here meanings of care label symbols.

Hopefully , it will be helpful for you all.



Printed Labels

Dear All,

l will inform you about printed labels with this post.

The printed labels can be used for a large scale of sectors.They can be used for fashion, textile, interior, automotive , packaging etc.
They are mostly used as care labels or washing instruction labels.

Basicly ,we can divide the printed labels 2 main types.
1.According to print quality,
2.According to fabric quality.

1.According to print quality:

We are able to produce  4 different print qualities ; a)Flexo print ,b)Folio print,c)Silkscreen print,d)Sublime print

Flexo Print:

 This quality of printing can use on many kind of fabric.They can be folded(Midfold ,endfold etc.) or on roll .
Both sides also can be printed. All pantone colors are available

Folio Print:
Nice and rich looking , it is kind of embossed on fabric which you can feel printing when you touch it.
There are not to many color option for folio is more expensive than flexo print.

Silkscreen print can be with 2 different print quality.a)Normal silkscreen print ,b)Embossed silkscreen print. 

This label is printed as silkscreen print(not embossed)
And this label is silkscreen embossed printed.

Sublime print:lt can give more details,can be use for photos or portraits

2.According to fabric quality:

A) Satin Ribbons:
There are different kind of satin ribbons :  Polyester satin single side ,polyester satin double side,polyester satin woven edge single satin ,polyester satin woven edge double side satin.
Double side: lt means that both sides are shinny.
Woven edge : lt means that with woven edges of ribbon

All Pantone colors are available

Available sizes (witdh):There are different minimum order quantities for different sizes.


   Satin single side printed label(not woven edge)

Satin double side printed label(not woven edge)

Satin single side woven edge printed labels

      Satin double side woven edge printed labels

B)Nylon or Waterproof fabric:

Almost all pantone colors and sizes are has kind of paper touch.

 C)Cotton fabrics:
There are organic cotton fabrics and non-organic cotton fabrics.We advice that use them with orignal background colors.
There are many different fabrics with different colors and thickness.Please let us know ,if you would like to receive samples.

D)Herringbone trims:
There are few color options.And they are printable.
As l mentioned,every fabric for printed labels has different minimum order quantites.You can take a look these fabric and printing qualities ,find a right combination of fabric and printing for you,and let us know. 

l hope these informations would be enough for now.Soon l will give some price indications for printed labels.

lf you have any question ,please let us know.

Have great day!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Woven Labels


l will explain that basic informations about woven labels with this post.

 Here you can see that many kind of folding styles which we are able to make for woven labels.
The most widely used foldings are ;
1.Middle folding : Mostly companies choose this folding for flag labels or main can be use for washing instruction labels as well. For example,front side with logo back side with washing instructions.
2.Endfolding : This folding are mostly used for neck labels or hang labels.The design is placed in the middle of label(it also depends on request).
3.Straight-cut: This kind of labels are produced without foldings.Mostly they are sewed totally on clothes.

l will also give more information about qualities of woven labels.Here below ,you can see quality possibilities in our production line.
(from simple to complex)

1.Tafetta labels: Simplest  and cheapest quality  for woven labels.This quality is half transparent and less density for fabric.

2.Satin labels : Satin quality has nice , shinny looking and soft touch.They can be use for all kind of clothes.
Satin quality has limited color options for background colors.

3.Reverse satin labels: Basicly , it is same quality as satin labels but with different weaving sytle.We use this quality for different background request.

      4. Twill Labels : This quality has middle density for weaving. lt has soft touch and more options for background color.lts density is between satin and damask qualities.

          5. Woven edge satin labels : This quality is same as satin quality.However,as you can understand from name of quality,this quality has extra weaving at edges of labels.So it makes them softer .Mostly use for baby clothes and underwears.This quality has limited size options.

 6.Damask woven labels : The most common used quality. lt can be use for all kind of labels. lt has mat surface , stiff and rich looking. There are too much possiblities for this quality.

 7. High definition woven labels : lt has more density than any oter labels.And it is soft label ,because we use thinner yarns for HD labels.

These are general information about woven labels.You can always contact with us to get more info.

l would like to explain also our working method.
Firstly ,we need to calculate price for every labels. Each labels has different specifications. Prices depend on size of label,quantity, quality  and colors.
After we receive price confirmation, our design department make new artwork for  the label.We send this artwork to our client to get their confirmation.After artwork confirmation,we start to produce labels.

Our minimum order quantity for woven labels is 500 pcs.
We accept the designs with all kind of  formats(pdf,jpg ,corel etc.)(sometimes we produce for our clients even has no design :))

Soon l will explain also for other products.

Hopefully,these informations useful for you.

Have great day.


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